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Leonard S. Urbanek

Leonard S. Urbanek is an engineer blogger who started the blog ay 2016 to help engineers and others on construction. He has a degree in civil engineering. and he also has experience with interacting with people which helped him start his blog. This blog is to help others in construction by giving tips and tricks based on his experience. Leonard’s area of expertise is structural engineering where he likes to write about topics like earthquake resilience, green building design, wind resistance etc.

He spends time reading books like “Theory of Elasticity” by Timoshenko as well as various other math and physics textbooks related to the field of structural engineering. His favorite book is “Taste: The Story Of Britain Through Its Cooking” by Kate Colquhoun because it talks

Our Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the site is to provide a resource for civil engineers to find articles, videos, and other media about construction and engineering. The information on this site is free. The slogan of “enabling civil engineers to enable the world” provides insight into what I want for this site. I want to empower civil engineers so that they can use their skills to do good, just like I try to do with my own professional work.

Our Vision

We hope to provide resources for civil engineers, or “builders of the world.”  Knowledge is power, so we want to provide knowledge to anyone who wants it. We created our free articles section with this in mind. These articles are meant to be relatively brief summaries of their respective topics. The articles cover much more material than can be reasonably expected to fit in this section.